Rural Start Up Loans

Government backed start-up loans for rural enterprises
Business Start Up Finance

Finance for Agriculture has partnered with Business Starts to deliver Start-Up Loans to UK entrepreneurs.

What is a Start-Up Loan

A Rural Start Up Loan is ideal for farm diversification and rural businesses. They’re a government-backed personal loan available to individuals looking to start or grow a business in the UK.

In addition to finance, successful applicants receive 12 months of free mentoring and exclusive business offers to help them succeed.

The loan is unsecured, so there’s no need to put forward any assets or guarantors to support an application.

All owners or partners in a business can individually apply for up to £25,000 each, with a maximum of £100,000 available per business.

We can support start-up businesses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Borrow £500 – £25,000
    (The average loan amount is £7,200
  • Fixed interest rate of 6% p.a.
  • 1 – 5 year loan repayment term
  • Free application support
  • Free post-loan support and mentoring
  • Free templates & guides
  • No application or set-up fees

Are you Eligible?

  • You’re 18 years of age or older
  • You’re a current UK resident
  • You’re starting a new business or have been trading for up to 24 months
  • You’re unable to secure finance from alternative lenders at a rate of less than 15%
If you are in a business partnership, buying an existing business or starting a franchise, you are able to apply for a Start Up Loan if you fit the eligibility criteria.

How Do I Apply for a Start Up Loan?


First, register on the Finance for Agriculture website below after checking your eligibility  Once registered you will be directed to our Delivery Partner’s application form on the British Business Bank’s Start Up Loans website.

At this stage, all you’ll need to provide is basic details such as your name and contact details.

After completing the application form you’ll ll receive an email asking you to create an account and password so you can log in to your customer portal.


Stage 1: Provide information about your situation and how you’ll use the loan.

Stage 2: A personal credit check will be run to further assess your eligibility in line with the Scheme’s commitment to responsible lending.

Stage 3: Upon passing the credit check, you will be asked whether you’re ready to submit your Business PlanCash Flow Forecast and Personal Survival Budget. Please select from the dropdown menu ‘I need help with this’.

Stage 4: Upon passing the credit check we’ll be assigned as your dedicated business advisor. There is a 90-day window for you to complete your application.


We will  review your business planning documents, any key supporting documents, and will work with you to get them ready for assessment.

The assessment will take into account the strength and viability of your business, demonstrated through the Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast and the affordability of the loan through the Personal Survival Budget.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to take up 12-months of free post-loan support.

All Good?

Then let’s get started…

  I agree when I click the Submit button below to being directed to the Start Up Loans website to continue my application and for the collection, use and storage of my personal information as described above and in the Privacy Policy.