Farm Mortgages

Wanting to buy a farm, expand a farm or buy your tenancy, Finance for Agriculture will secure you the most competitive terms on your farm mortgage

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Farm Mortgages

As agricultural finance brokers, we have ready access to all the farm and farmland mortgage lenders who are actively seeking to lend, from £50,000 to £30 million. We’re able to access for our clients the most competitive rates in the market, with terms up to 30 years.

Finance for Agriculture has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to farm mortgages, whether it’s for 10 acres or a 1000 acre estate.

Farm mortgages/agricultural mortgages are secured against either land or premises and can be used for:

  • Buying land
  • Releasing equity to support farm-related activities such as diversification
  • Buying, extending or renovating owner-occupied premises

VAT on Farmland

It is possible, particularly when buying from larger landlords, such as landed estates, university colleges and the Church Commissioners, whose income arises mainly from rents, that they may have chosen to make a formal VAT election known as an ‘option to tax’. If this is the case we are able to provide a Property VAT Loan which can be used to improve and maintain cash flow whilst waiting for a reclaim.

Tax Relief Schemes

There are 2 types of Tax Relief that may be available, being:

  • Capital Allowances Tax Relief offsets the hidden expenditure in commercial property. Typically, this includes elements such as air conditioning, wiring, heating, lighting and security systems – essentially everything that would remain in the building if you tipped it upside down!
  • Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief is for land and property owners, including leases granted of at least seven years in length, or those with at least seven years left to run on an assigned lease, may claim this relief for expenditure incurred on removing or treating contaminants in the land or property, such as asbestos, radon and Japanese Knotweed, or for bringing land that has been derelict for a long time back into use.

Partnering with you

We will fully assess your needs when it comes to which farm mortgage is the best fit for you which will include confirming the ability to repay a mortgage prior to seeking to broker your deal.

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